Starter Kits for the Experienced or Newbie

eCig Starter Kits through eCommerce

New eCig Starter Kits are available from several retailers including online and retail stores. We scour the internet to find the very best deals around, so you can be sure to get the most for your money.

The ecig market will continue to grow, so it’s important you find a brand that’s right for you. Right now, with this knowledge in mind, many manufacturers offering some pretty sweet deals on new starter kits. They know the payoff for them will be big down the road, so they’re not just trying to generate one sale, but a lifetime customer. This has most likely been your journey if you’ve been a smoker for any length of time: you started, found your favorite brand after sampling many times, then landed on an overall favorite which you’ve stuck with and all of your friends know you by.

Same goes true with ecig loyalty

eCigs are less than a decade old, so there are a ton of new players joining the market every day as retailers or manufacturers. The new choices of ejuice and other options for customizing your vaping experience are many, removing any inhibitor to quitting smoking. Vaporized nicotine is far better for your lungs than smoking, so we want to be sure you find that alternative right here, right now! Find a great deal? Be sure to comment.

When the industry got its start, they were unsure of how to market the technology. For years, the first-to-market ecig producers like Blu, brought disposable units to counter tops across gas station stores around the world and they sat on display next to the smoking or tobacco cigs. This was of course the best way to get started, and a logical beginning point.


Innokin Starter

Marketing has expanded to storefronts

Since those early days where Blu had a corner on the market, there have been dozens if not hundreds of other companies come to market with electronic cigarettes. They have been on counter-tops for years, yes, but now there is a brand new retail market and industry for electronic cigarettes. You have most likely seen the crazy sign spinners pointing to a nearby location with the word “vapor” or “e-cig” on the little spinning arrow, haven’t you? Well, that is because the technology has really taken off and gives smokers incredible opportunities to really express their interests and be very selective with their own particular taste. The new vaporizing technology has eliminated the final obstacle to smokers which has historically been an oral fixation. Thanks to these electronic cigarettes, we may see less and less cases of lung cancer and emphysema. Well, that is what we are hoping for! Let’s just hope no bad side effects turn up over the next couple of decades, and let’s also pray that no new generation of smokers picks up vapor cigarettes just because of a “bubble gum” flavor.

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