Buy Right and Buy Once. Spending More Pays Off

Have you ever bought something that you had to replace within a few weeks or months when the product was supposed to have lasted for years? This happens all the time when people are fooled into buying a lesser product from a company that make inferior products, sells them at low prices, then counts the days until the same idiotic consumer comes back to buy another. Garbage products or knockoffs are engineered to break after short use, thus fueling their own industry whatever it may be.

Buying right and not often

By saying “buy right,” what I mean is that if you are to get an ecig from one of your fav vaping stores, chances are you’re probably going to get a great product regardless. But if you go to your local 7-11 to get something like the blu ecig, you won’t really be making a long term purchase. Why? Because these are “throw away” products that get used for a season then they’re expected to throw away. What a waste of your money. Yes cheap products can be easy to buy because they are convenient, but what it costs you in the long run could be a lot more than you realize. A great piece of advice that I recommend to my friends and customers is that they go and get some credit restoration done so they are able to get a low interest rate, then buy that right product. If you’re fortunate enough to have a place like we do here in Houston, you could give them a call, even if you don’t live in the area call Houston credit repair and they’ll help you find out where you’re currently at and what your goals are.

Spending half the price is saving money?

If you think that buying the cheap version of something is saving you money, think again. You could possibly be spending 3x to 4x the money in the long run if you buy inferior products. Think about where you’re at and where you want to go in your financial life. If you’re serious about saving money, often times it’s a better decision to purchase the nicest option available for a particular purchase than it would be to spend half the money on a lesser product. We hope this helps you in your vaping and other retail experience.